Colour Zone: Unleash Your Brand's True Colors





Welcome to Colour Zone Signage, home to a complete range of services for printing, signage, and custom vehicle branding.

We sport a range of expertise that are as ideal for corporate and business clients as they are for individuals looking to apply custom designs and aesthetics to their vehicles.


Colour Zone Signage has developed over 14 years to bring our broad collection of clients a set of services that provide convenience and value at every turn.

We are a full-service printing and signage company who offers services that cover applications across corporate and individual needs.

From branding and wrapping on all types of vehicles, to signage, manufacturing and full-spec printing, we have positioned ourselves as a branding company of choice, for all types of clients.



Colour Zone  Signage provides a host of solutions for custom and corporate car decals that deliver the highest standards of quality, and meet your exact specifications.

Since 2007 we have been assisting clients with leading car branding services that put their brands out on the road.

This gives you a cost-effective but powerful way to communicate your brand to others while out and about.

These services also include a range of wrapping solutions for privatley owned vehicles, which also includes boats, helicopters, and more.

Colour Zone: Unleash Your Brand's True Colors
Colour Zone: Unleash Your Brand's True Colors
Colour Zone: Unleash Your Brand's True Colors

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